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Department of Public Safety (DPS) Road Test (a.k.a Third Party Skills Testing)

Please read carefully before registering

DPS Road Test| $60

1.    Pioneer isn't the DPS, a state agency, or a government entity. Pioneer isn't endorsed by the DPS. We do not have access to the DPS database or your driving record.

2.    If you're late, no-show, or failed to bring a copy of all of the required documents, you will not be allowed to take the test. Your actions will result in an automatic cancellation of your road test and forfeiture of your $60 fee. Please value our time that we have set aside for your road test. 

3.   All applicants must watch the age-appropriate IMPACT Texas Driver Video prior to taking the DPS road test. Print the course completion certificate and bring the certificate to Pioneer

4.   Pioneer will not print out your required documents from your cell phone, including your car insurance document. You must have the insurance paper copy in your car to take the road test. 

5.   Take the test in your own vehicle, no charge!  There's an additional $25 charge to use Pioneer's vehicle to take the road test. Pay the $25 charge (cash only) on the day of your test. Your vehicle must meet the DPS' vehicle requirements.

6.   Teenagers with Texas Learner's License (permit) has a Restriction "F" on their permit

  • Restriction "F" is printed on the front of the teenager's permit
  • Restriction "F" states that all applicants under 18 years of age must hold their permit for 6 months prior to taking the DPS road test
  • The 6 month expiration date is printed on the back of the permit
  • Teenagers must also be 16 years of age to take the road test
  • Don't schedule a road test until after you have held your permit for 6 months and you're 16 years of age or older
  • Failure to follow this requirement will result in a forfeiture of your $60 on test day.

7.  To view the road test calendar

  • Complete the registration (only enter first and last name, no middle name required)
  • Logout and back into website using your username and password  
  • Click "Schedule DPS RT Period" to view the calendar
  • After viewing the calendar, if you decide not to take the test at Pioneer, please delete your registration now, thanks.

8. If you still plan to take your test at Pioneer after viewing the calendar, select your test time now.

  • Pay the $60 fee to secure your road test time slot
  • No refund is given after you have registered, viewed the calendar, selected your road test time slot, and paid for a time slot. 
  • If you choose to select a different test time, your selection must be done 24 hours prior to the scheduled date and time
  • Failure to cancel 24 hours prior will result in a forfeiture of your $60

9.   When paying with cash, the test administrator will take the time to assist you with scheduling your road test.

  • After registering, call Pioneer test administrator at 972-637-3131. 
  • There's an additional $10 administration fee for the test administrator to schedule your road test time over the phone when paying with cash. 

10.   After passing the test, you will be given a sealed envelope to take to the DPS to obtain your driver's license. Don't open the envelope. The DPS will not accept an open envelope.

  • Pioneer is not in any way responsible for the lost envelope or liable if the paperwork has expired because the envelope was not taken to the DPS office in a timely manner.