Pioneer Drivers Education School (C3022)

Learn the rules of the road with our Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR) approved driver education program and gain confidence behind-the-wheel with our professional driving lessons.

Choose from comprehensive driver ed packages that include:

  • Driver Ed Traditional and Online Classes for Teens and Adults
  • State-of-the-Art Driving Simulators
  • In-Car Behind-the-Wheel Driving Lessons
  • DPS Written Exam
  • DPS Road Skills Test

Learning to drive requires equal teamwork.

Learning to drive is a new experience for both parent and child.

Parents, never criticize, always encourage them with a smile, stay calm, positive, and give clear driving instructions. Remember, you once were them. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Children, when it comes to driving, things are not always as they seem. Always be accountable, responsible, grateful, and respectful to your parents. They only want the best for you, including your driving freedom.

Teen Classroom Training

Cedar Hill

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