Pioneer Drivers Education School (C3022)

Learn the rules of the road with our Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation approved driver education program while gaining confidence behind-the-wheel with our professional driving lessons.

Complete steps 1, 2, & 3 to obtaining your driving license.

(STEP 1)
First, get your appointment schedule at the Department of Public Safety (DPS) Driving License Office (DLO) to receive your permit. Driving schools can only offer classes, in-car lessons, and road test. The DLO is the only organization that's authorized to issue a driving permit and a driving license. 
  1. The waiting period to receive an appointment to pick up your temporary license (a.k.a driving permit) at the DLO in the Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex, including Waxahachie, is very lengthy (approximately 2 to 4 months). 
  2. Therefore, go on-line today, prior to registering for the teen 32 hours course and schedule your appointment to pick-up your permit at the DLO.
  3. Click this link ) to schedule your appointment at the DLO. Select the category, "First Time Driver License Holder / Permit"" when scheduling your appointment.
(STEP 2)
All teens must first take a 32-hours teen course to obtain their permit. All young adults must first take the 6-hours young adult course on-line to obtain their permit. At this time, Pioneer don't offer a classroom course for young adults. The permit test can also be taken after completing either of the 32-hours teen courses or after completing the 6-hours young adult course.  

Texas Drivers Handbook 

    • The handbook is used in the classroom and on-line courses.
    • Study the handbook prior to taking the permit test.
  1. The teen can take either the instructor lead classroom course at Pioneer or the on-line self-pace course. The permit test is included in both courses.
  2. Register for either of the teen 32-hours courses on Pioneer's website.
  3. After completing the course (including passing the permit test) take all of your required documents to your previously schedule appointment at DLO and pick up the permit.
(STEP 3)
Teens, after receiving your permit at the DLO, register and schedule in-car driving lessons with Pioneer.  Young adults, after receiving your permit at the DLO, either register for in-car driving lessons or immediately take the DPS Road Test at Pioneer.
  1. Teen must hold their permit for 6 months.
  2. Teen must complete 14-hours of in-car driving lessons with Pioneer.
  3. Teen must complete 30-hours of in-car driving lessons with their parents.
  4. Teen must be 16 years of age to take the DPS Road Test at Pioneer.
  5. Teen and young adults, after passing the road test at Pioneer, schedule another appointment at the DLO to receive your driving license without the "B" restriction.


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