Young Adult Driver Ed

(Student ages 18 to 24)

Complete steps 1, 2, & 3 to obtaining your driving license 

(STEP 1) First, get your appointment at the driving license office.
  1. The waiting period to receive an appointment to pick up your Texas Class "C" License with a "B" restriction (a.k.a. driving permit) at the Driving License Office (DLO) in the Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex, including Waxahachie, is very lengthy (approximately 2 to 4 months).
  2. Go on-line today, prior to registering for the young adult 6 hour on-line course and schedule your appointment to pick-up your driving license with the "B" restriction.
  3. Click here ( ) to schedule the appointment at the DLO.
(STEP 2) Scheduling Your On-line Class (6-hours) at Pioneer
Texas Drivers Handbook
  • Use the handbook in the on-line course. 
  • Study the handbook prior to taking the permit test.
  1. Return to Pioneer's website ( ) and register for the young adult on-line course (6-hours).
  2. After completing the on-line course (including passing the permit test) take all of your required documents to your previously schedule appointment at DLO and pick up the temporary license (permit).
(STEP 3) Schedule your In-car Lessons or the DPS Road Test at Pioneer
  1. Once your have your permit in your hand, re-register and schedule your in-car driving lessons or schedule the DPS Road Test at Pioneer. 
  2. At 8 AM, on the last day of each month, all driving lesson slots for the next month will be posted on the calendar in your student center. 
  3. The driving slots are first come, first served.


  • This course is designed for young adults, 18 to 24 years of age; however, any adult, 25 and older, can take this course. 
  • Permit Test included
  • Young Adult Driving Lessons (6 Hours)

    • 6 in-car driving lessons, 
    • Each lesson is 1 hour.
  • Young Adult Driving Lessons (4 Hours)

    • 4 in-car driving lessons
    • Each lesson is 1 hour.
  • Parallel Parking Lesson (1 Hour)

    • Instructor will offer some helpful techniques that will aid you during this lesson.
  • DPS Road Test Preparation (1 Hour)

    • Are you nervous about taking the DPS Road Test? 
    • During this lesson, we will tell you things that you are doing incorrectly which will cause you to possibly fail or lose points on the road test.
  • Young Adult Dallas College Package

    This package is designed ONLY for preapproved Dallas College students. Do not enroll in this package unless you have been approved to take this package through Dallas College and Pioneer Drivers Ed School. A failure to comply will result in a forfeit for your payment.

      • Class is held in Dallas College's computer lab.
      • The permit test is included and it is taken online.
      • Are you nervous about taking the DPS Road Test? 
      • During this lesson, we will evaluate your driving abilities. 
      • Afterwards, we'll discuss the positives and negative points of your driving which may cause you lose points or possibly fail the road test.
      • The road test is taken at Pioneer Drivers Education School.
      • Test road test can be taken in Pioneer's vehicle or your vehicle.
      • Click on the Road Test tab for pre-test instruction and for a list of document you are required to bring to Pioneer to take the road test.

Adult Driver Education

Adult Driver Education