Adult Driver Ed

(Student ages 18 and older)

Effective Jan. 01, 2022: If fuel prices increases above $3.00 per gallon, a fuel surcharge of $5 per lesson will be charged to the student's account (per the student's contract). This addional fuel surcharge will be charged to all student account that enrolled at Pioneer DES for in-car lessons after Jan. 1, 2022.

Effective May 1st, 2022: We're full! Pioneer has reached it's enrollment capacity for new adult students. Pioneer has stopped accepting enrollment for the adult classroom course and in-car driving lessons until February 2023.

Pioneer is working to reduce our enrollment capacity which will allow new students to enroll soon. We're sorry for any inconvenient this enrollment hold may have on your driving education plans.


  • Young Adult Drivers Ed Course (On-line Self-pace)

    • 6 Hours -- You are only allow to complete 2 hours of class a day.
    • Designed for young adults 18 to 24 years of age; however, any adult 25 and older can take this on-line class.
    • Texas Drivers Handbook -- use this handbook when taking the on-line course. You can download the handbook to your computer.


    After completing the registration and paying for this course, go directly to the email that you provided during registration. You will receive a notification email from Teach Safe.  You must reconfirm your email address, your username and YOUR password on the Teach Safe website. After confirmation is completed, Teach Safe will send you another email to get started. You can start the course immediately. There is no need to return to Pioneer's website to start this course. Only return to Pioneer's website to register for the written permit test which is given at Pioneer Driving School. The permit test is not a part of this course!

  • Permit Test (Adults Only)

    • The permit test is not a stand-alone test
    • The test is a written test. It is not available on-line
    • This test is only given at Pioneer Driving School. 
    • This test is only available to students that have taken and completed Pioneer's young adult on-line self-pace course
  • Adult Parallel Parking Lesson (1 Hour)

    • Register for more practice parallel parking
    • Our driver ed instructor will offer some helpful techniques that will aid you during this task.

Adult Driver Education

Adult Driver Education