Young Adult Driver Education

(Student ages 18 to 24)

3 Steps Driving License Program

(Important Announcement)
(Please read prior to starting Step 1)

Please schedule your appointment today to obtain your permit at the Department of Public Safety (DPS) Driving License Office (DLO). The DLO is the only organization that's authorized to issue a driving permit and a driving license. Driving schools are authorized to offer in-person courses, on-line courses, in-car driving lessons, and PDS Road Test. 
  • The driving license offices in the Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex, including Waxahachie, have a long scheduling appointment backlog. The waiting time just to receive an appointment to pick up your driving permit can take approximately 2 to 4 months. 
  • Let's be proactive and get ahead of this long appointment backlog by scheduling your appointment today before you take the class.  
  • Click this link ) to schedule your appointment at the DLO. Select the category, "First Time Driver License Holder / Permit". Select a date and location. You can schedule your appointment at any driving license office in the state of Texas. 

To obtain a Texas driving license, all young adults must complete the program in this order:
(STEP 1 - Complete the on-line young adult course (6-hours)
All young adult (ages 18 -24) must first take a 6-hours course to obtain their permit. It's highly recommended, not mandatory, that adults over 25 years of age also take the 6-hours course. 
  • Pioneer don't offer the 6-hours course in-person. Our course is only available on-line. 
  • The Texas Driver Handbook is used in the on-line courses. Study the handbook prior to taking the on-line course and the permit test. 
  • It's free! The DPS permit test is included in the on-line course. 
  • Click here to view the Texas Drivers Handbook
  • Register below for 6-hours on-line course.
  • After completing the on-line course (including passing the permit test), take all of your required documents to your previously schedule appointment at drivers license office and pick up your Texas Class "C" license with a "B" restriction (a.k.a adult permit).
  • On our Homepage, click on FAQ for a list of items that you must bring to the driving license office to receive your adult permit.  

(STEP 2 - Complete young adult in-car driving lessons (6-hours, not mandatory)
After receiving your adult permit at the DLO, re-register below, and schedule either in-car driving lessons, parallel parking lesson, road test prep lesson, or the DPS Road Test at Pioneer. This second registration will generate a new contract.

(STEP 3 - Pass DPS Road Test)
Adults, after passing the road test at Pioneer, schedule another appointment at the DLO to receive your Texas Driving License (removing Restrictions "B"). 
  • Click this link ) to schedule your appointment at the DLO. Select the category, "Change or Renew Your License / Permit". 
  • Select the date and location that works best for you. 
  • You can schedule your appointment at any driving license office in the state of Texas. 



  • This course is designed for young adults, 18 to 24 years of age; however, any adult, 25 and older, can take this course. 
  • Permit Test included
  • After completing your registration, check your email. You will receive a email from Pass Drivers Ed. Reply back to that email with your username and password. Pass Drivers Ed will send you a link to take the course.
  • After completing the entire course, Pass Drivers Ed will send you the course completion certificate.
  • Young Adult Driving Lessons (6 Hours)

    • 6 in-car driving lessons, 
    • Each lesson is 1 hour.
  • Young Adult Driving Lessons (4 Hours)

    • 4 in-car driving lessons
    • Each lesson is 1 hour.
  • Parallel Parking Lesson (1 Hour)

    • Instructor will offer some helpful techniques that will aid you during this lesson.
  • DPS Road Test Preparation (1 Hour)

    • Are you nervous about taking the DPS Road Test? 
    • During this lesson, we will tell you things that you are doing incorrectly which will cause you to possibly fail or lose points on the road test.
  • Dallas College Package

    This package is designed ONLY for preapproved Dallas College's students. Do not enroll in this package unless you have been approved to take this package through Dallas College and Pioneer Drivers Ed School. A failure to comply will result in a forfeit for your payment.

      • Class is held in Dallas College's computer lab.
      • The road test is taken at Pioneer Drivers.

Adult Driver Education

Adult Driver Education